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A boutique law firm based in Chennai, India. We specialize in Intellectual Property Rights, Media & Entertainment Laws, Banking Law, Start-up Law, Environmental Law and Competition Law. A professionally managed law firm, Cholamandal IP is regularly engaged for thoughtful and reliable legal solutions by its clients.

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Cholamandal IP regularly conducts various awareness campaigns regarding: Geographical Indications among artisans of traditional and indigenous art forms, their rights and integration into industrial societies; environmental conservation and eco-friendly practices among the general public as well as in industries.

We provide free legal assistance to various organizations.

Cholamandal IP conducts national and international seminars and conferences in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, Environmental Laws as well as Competition Law for both common public as well as for the legal fraternity.

Cholamadal IP conducts one month training course on technically sensitive issues related to IP laws, practices and professional ethics.

Cholamandal IP conducts IP exhibitions for the purpose of public welfare.

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