Environmental Protection in India by Vidjea Latchoumy

The Nature’s gift – Environment is an abounding legacy gifted to us by Mother Nature. It is loaded enough to satisfy the need of every living being in this Planet. However the greedy man exploits the abundant resources of the environment and the environment protection has become a pressing issue in India and across the globe since 1950s.

The industrial and business activities are directly responsible for various environmental problems such as soil erosion, land degradation, deforestation, over exploitation of non-renewable natural resources, loss of bio-diversity, pollution of all kinds such as water, air, marine, noise, light, etc.

This paper is an attempt to study the legal framework in India on Environmental Protection and a close scan, zonewise, on the environmental challenges. This paper is divided into eight main chapters.

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Sustainable Development Through Renewable Energy :Analysis Of Technico -Legal – Financial Parameters and Recommendations For Strategy And Policy Guidelines – by Aditya Sethi

Development aspirations of nations has resulted in rapid industrialisation, with resultant pressure on limited fossil fuel resources and increasing emission of green house gases. Growing global climate concerns have thrown open wide ranging and complex arguments, ‘conventional fuel’ v.‘renewable energy’, ‘climate obligations’ v.‘sustainable development’, ‘investment on expensive renewable energy technology’ v.‘expenditure on basic social welfare’ and so on.

There are no easy solutions to the issues at hand, yet it is widely appreciated that long term innovative strategies on sustainable development with a wide scope of social inclusion, employment generation, energy access & security and climate safeguards need to be adopted. Renewable energy is an apt and clean substitute for limited fossil fuels as also holdthe key to social inclusion requirement of sustainable development.

The renewable energy technologies and compatible infrastructure, in this regard, are likely to be the potential solution for future energy requirements and sustainable development. Various renewable energy sources such as wind, photovoltaic cell,hydropower,

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