Competition Law

Competition Law

Competition law seeks to promote and maintain competition in the market by prohibiting practices that restrict free trade such as:

  • Cartel formation
  • Abuse of dominant position in the market by major player(s) in any industry
  • Mergers, Acquisitions or Joint Ventures between corporations that threaten fair competition in the market

In India, competition is governed by Competition (Amendment) Act, 2007 and other related laws. Competition Commission of India and the Competition Appellate Tribunal have been established as pet the Act. The Competition Commission of India is the governing authority that is responsible for regulating the conduct of companies in the market to ensure a proper competition in the market.

The services provided under Competition Law are-

Advising clients on the compatibility of their distribution, supply, or any restructuring agreement with the provisions of the Competition Act

  • Representing parties for alleged abuse of dominance claim before various appropriate legal forums
  • Preparing merger filings to be filed with the CCI for approvals and further follow ups
  • Advising on competition law issues including merger control, restrictive practices, market dominance and cartel investigations
  • Representing clients before the Competition Commission of India
  • Advising on issues in a range of commercial transactions.
  • Competition compliance programs for clients to meet industry requirements
  • Determining application of merger control provisions during any stage of arrangement or restructuring and offer a comprehensive merger control guidance
  • Advice on structuring of transactions for the purposes of merger control
  • Reviewing of agreements and identifying terms that could be deemed to be anti-competitive;
  • Examining the arrangements with third parties that could constitute dominance;
  • Analyzing non-compete provisions in the context of applicable Indian regulations;
  • Identifying and reviewing of practices that could constitute price-fixing and behaviour that could be construed as constituting a cartel;
  • Advising on merger control issues that could arise in the context of mergers or acquisitions
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