Media & Entertainment Law

Media & Entertainment Law

The Media & Entertainment sector in India, has witnessed vigorous growth over the last decade. Media law covers an area of law which involves media of all types (TV, film, music, publishing, advertising, internet & new media, etc.), and stretches over various legal fields, including but not limited to corporate, finance, intellectual property, publicity and privacy.

Today widely proliferated print and electronic media is operating disseminating contents on numerous platforms, which includes social media, internet, blog writing, television, radio, and other field if media which is now open for any one. This lead to increase in volumes of law in tune with advancing technology accommodated the media law and entertainment too.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act (the “TRAI Act”) enabled the establishment of an independent regulatory body for regulating “broadcasting” and “cable services” and other services relating to telecommunications. The Cinematograph Act, 1952, provides provision for certification of cinematographed films for exhibitions by means of Cinematograph.

Legal services provided in this area are:

  • Advice – Our Media & Entertainment Law attorneys provide comprehensive Media & Entertainment advice to a variety of clients including broadcasters, internet companies, public interest organizations, and others.
  • Emerging Areas – Well-versed in both the technology and entertainment industries, we handle matters that arise regarding interactive media and technology, including the use of social media platforms and emerging technologies.
  • In tandem with IPR Team – Most Media and Entertainment Law matters are handled in tandem with the Intellectual Property Rights team to solve all IPR-related disputes and offer required services.
  • Diverse Fields – Attorneys resolve disputes areas such as Copyright protection, endorsements and performance contracts; collaborations and content licensing; distribution rights to IP protection, monetization and infringement; and media and entertainment company mergers, agreement drafting, and ratification, negotiation & deal closing, anti-piracy matter pertaining to media and entertainment industry
  • Other related matters where you may require legal help are:

1. Co-Production Agreements; Film rights agreement; Songwriter agreement; Digital Marketing Agreement; and others.
2. Anti-Piracy enforcement services; Anti-piracy due diligence; Online anti-piracy services.
3. Filing of copyrights; IP due diligence; Sending cease & desist/legal notices; Court proceedings for infringement;
4. Advertising law and commercial speech, Television rights issues, Non-compete provisions;
5. And other allied services.

We provide our legal services in this field.