Pro Bono

Pro Bono

Pro Bono work or free legal aid entails various fields of law but the two major themes under it are:

  • Access to Justice
  • Access to education and employment

Free legal aid services aid society through continued legal measures. Pro bono and community work gives lawyers the chance to share their knowledge and experience on large multi-jurisdictional projects, or through the local programmes. It is not about benevolence or philanthropy, but the purpose this is to augment thoughts with actions in the form of free legal aid for the less privileged and most adversely affected.

IPR-related Pro Bono work – With the objective of promoting small-scale industries, offering help to the needy and deserving in the area of Intellectual Property Rights many activities are possible by legal professionals. An example is providing pro bono work in registration of Geographical Indication for several traditional commodities. Moreover, free legal aid dispersal is possible through organisation and active contribution in the form of seminars and conferences for the sensitization of Intellectual Property Rights among common people.

We have a long history of proving free legal aid to various individuals and organisations, especially in the realm of Intellectual Property Rights.