Sports Law

Sports Law

Sports Law is a new entrant in the Indian legal field. It is an applied law as well as a blend of multiple different laws in various jurisdictions.

The authority structure is such that international sporting bodies of distinct sports are the ruling authority. In India, national and state bodies, clubs, associations and societies are the authority figures in regard to sports law. These bodies are also responsible for granting telecasting and broadcasting rights to bidders; they also receive revenues from advertising during sports events.

Legal issues with sports:

  • Preparation of sports policy with proper structure and formulation of code of conduct, discipline policy, selection process, harassment, conflict of interest, recruitment etc.
  • Sports injuries and related potential liabilities, claims, compensation, risk assessment and insurance.
  • Labour issues related to hours, wages and working conditions.
  • Doping issues related to drug use for performance enhancement of athletes
  • Broadcasting rights management.

Services available under sports law include:

  • Advising athletes, sports equipment manufacturers, sports associations, sports broadcasters, sporting leagues and sponsors
  • Legal/ contractual matters relating to sponsorships and endorsement.
  • League and franchise management.
  • Content and technology licensing,.
  • Advertising and marketing legal advice.
  • Brand and content protection.
  • Representation, endorsement and sponsorship matters.
  • Licensing of software and other service agreements.
  • Media accreditation policies and news access guidelines.
  • Sports sponsorship management.